bone diseases

The backbone is only a system of levers … Will medicine “win” over the many enemies of this column?

In order for a person to make movements, we find him using his bones as if they were muscles driven by muscles. There are spontaneous, other or degenerative diseases of the said organ. Important progress has been made in the field of medicine, with regard to clarifying the specifics of the aforementioned diseases and controlling them.

The joint consists of two cartilaginous areas facing. Being polished, it is easy for the ends of the bone to slide on them. The aforementioned cartilage areas are separated by the articular membrane that secretes joint albumin, which is a coagulating, anticoagulant and laxative fluid.

If this articular membrane is inflamed, it results in rheumatoid <i.e. In this case, the aforementioned membrane is congested and proceeds to produce elevated amounts – a little or a lot – of joint albinism. There are four signs of syphilis infection: the redness of the joint area, the intense heat, and its enlargement; and the emission of pain sensations from it, at night in particular. Signs of infection with exudative inflammation caused by a microbial germ: either “Koch’s gang” – responsible for tuberculosis – or “brownococcus” or “staphylococcus”, the actual cause of arthritis caused by receiving a cortisone injection without taking preventive measures that It is required. It also shows the four signs mentioned in people with acute arthritis “and they are young men between the ages of fifteen and twenty; and before that, they have tonsillitis, which is caused by streptococcus.

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